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Rockwood Rising!

Pictured from Left: Roy Kim, General Managing Partner at Central Bethany Development Co.;  Kelly Kupcak, Executive
Director of Oregon Tradeswomen, and Channa Kim, Special Projects Manager at Central Bethany Development Co.

For the last two years, Oregon Tradeswomen has been searching for new headquarters where our offices, classroom, and a workshop training space could all be co-located to allow for expanded training offerings and to better serve both the women enrolled in our pre-apprenticeship program and our industry.

We are thrilled to announce that Oregon Tradeswomen has found this new home in the Rockwood neighborhood! This new space, especially the workshop addition, will be a game-changer in allowing us to expand our training capacity, customize our pre-apprenticeship curriculum, and overall, serve more women and better prepare students for a successful career in the skilled trades!

The Chair of Oregon Tradeswomen’s Board of Directors, Lori Baunann, expressed our collective sentiment perfectly, “This move was on Oregon Tradeswomen’s 3-year strategic plan (2019 – 2021), we are very excited to see our plan to come to action! Oregon Tradeswomen is eager to engage in our new community and grow in Rockwood.”

Looking ahead to the move in December of 2019, Oregon Tradeswomen is excited to be moving to a neighborhood whose underserved community will benefit from this development, from grocery stores, to healthcare, to job training, and childcare. The Rockwood Rising Development Project’s goal is to revitalize the neighborhood without displacing the community, and empower residents to build prosperity for themselves and their families.

Oregon Tradeswomen is grateful to the many partners and elected officials who worked together to bring the Rockwood Rising project to fruition. Read more about the full plans for redevelopment on Rockwood Rising’s website.

We have already heard from some of our incredible partners and friends asking what they can do to help Oregon Tradeswomen make this move. Thank you! We will include updates here and in Oregon Tradeswomen’s monthly newsletter, including a wish list to help us get established in our new space.

Please contact Lisa Palermo, Development Director, with questions or to arrange a donation. lisa@tradeswomen.net / 503.335.8200 x 138

Media inquiries should be directed to Mary Ann Naylor, Communications & Marketing Director: maryann@tradeswomen.net / 503.335.8200 x 126

Wish list:

Thank you for considering a purchase to help outfit Oregon Tradeswomen in our new home! Please peruse our Amazon wish list:

Office Space:
Sit/stand work desks and chairs
Uniform cabinets
Large format computer monitors
Large TV for presentations
Sound bar

Mounted projector/pull down screen or Large TV for presentations
Tables & Chairs

Industrial Shelving
Lumber racks

Work truck
Lobby Furniture
Kitchen Appliances (refrigerator, range, microwave, dishwasher)
Conference Room Table & Chairs for 20 people
Sound system for events
Kitchen table & Chairs
Printed images for window artwork
Passenger Van to transport students

3934 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. #101  |  Portland, Oregon 97212  |   phone: 503.335.8200  |  fax: 503.249.0445